In the 'armoury' you will find sections looking at the piste, the weapons and the equipment used in the sport of fencing. Note the armoury is still under construction.

The piste is the field of play on which fencing takes place. The piste is 14m long (plus 2-3m run off), it is between 1.5 and 2m wide. Scoring equipment is placed at the centre line (off the piste) and is the starting point for the president. The on guard lines are where the fencers start are asked to come 'en guarde' at the start of each phrase. Warning lines are located 2m from the end of the piste to warn the combatants.

The piste is 14m long (plus run off) and between 1.5 & 2m wide.



The foil is the lightest weapon <500g. Total length must not exceed 110cm. The guard is relatively small and should pass through a gauge 12cm in diameter. Two main types of handle are available for foil and epee; the straighter 'french' grip and various orthopedic grips. Orthopedic grips are designed to improve the fencers grasp on their weapon, they must not aid defense or allow the fencer to shift their grip so their thumb is more than 2cm away from the guard. Foil target area consists of the fencers trunk (including the groin), but excluding the arms, legs, head and masks bib. The target includes the back and is horizontal across the hips.

Foil target area in red: The body.

The parts of the weapon are identified below, using a foil as the example, they are applicable to all three weapons (sabre only has a straight handle).


The epee is the heaviest weapon <770g. Total length is the same as the foil, i.e. 110cm. The guard is a larger bell shape, designed to protect the forearm, nevertheless it should pass through a 13.5cm diameter gauge Epee target area includes the entire fencer's body and kit (except the epee itself), so hits to foot, head and arm are all perfectly acceptable!

Epee target area in red: Everything.


The sabre is a lighter representation of the cavalry sabre <500g. Total length should not exceed 105cm. The curved guard protects the hand and forearm, it must pass through a 15x14cm gauge Sabre target area consists of everything above the waist.

Sabre target area in red: Everything above the waist.



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